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We are a group of XiangQi National Players who come together with a focus to advocate XiangQi in Singapore and beyond.  In the past three years, we have managed to run various competitions to create interest in XiangQi, and have also collaborated with various Community Clubs and Resident Committees to start XiangQi classes to make XiangQi classes more available.  We have also put together a systematic curriculum for XiangQi training consisting of 16 Grades.  We have also designed the XiangQi Training of Trainers programme to train adults on how to use XiangQi with children.  We are currently working on inclusion strategy where we hope to get sponsors to fund the training of handicapped to become XiangQi players and coaches.  In order to see the Vision comes to past, we need the support of people in authority to help us open the door so that more students can benefit from XiangQi.

Every Wise Person A XiangQi Player

To advocate, train and expand XiangQi as a Mind-sport in Singapore through systematic grading curriculum and competitions while appreciating its role and history in the Chinese culture.

We have developed a systematic curriculum in the training of XiangQi.  It has altogether 16 Grades.  Grade 1 to 8 consist of 8 lessons each and Grade 9 to 16 consist of 15 lessons each.  The curriculum is to provide XiangQi enthusiasts with the foundational skills.  We are also developing Training of Trainers curriculum to help XiangQi players into becoming XiangQi coaches.

Competition is an integral part of XiangQi.  Competition helps XiangQi players to pit their skills learned with other players and that process helps in the development of the brain’s various cognitive capability.  We have also developed a ranking system which will record your ranking through the competitions you have participated.  This will guide you in the path towards excellence.

Theophilus Lai Jun Jie

Academy Dean

  • Singapore citizen
  • Started to learn Chinese Chess (XiangQi) while in Secondary school
  • Apprentice to the late Chinese Chess (XiangQi) master Xu Xin
  • Transferred to Boon Lay Chinese Chess (XiangQi) Team at Sixteen-years-old
  • 2007 Char Yong Cup Chinese Chess (XiangQi) Tournament U16 Runner-up
  • 2008 Clan Xiangqi Individual Championship runner-up
  • 2008 Representative of Singapore to set off the Asian Junior Chinese Chess (XiangQi) Fifth position
  • 2009 Char Yong Cup Chinese Chess (XiangQi) Tournament U18 runner-up
  • 2012 Tu Long Cup national championship in Singapore runner-up
  • Xu Qing Zhang won the 2013 Cup runner-up Ma Xinwen Chess Chess (XiangQi) Team
  • Won the Southeast District Chinese Chess (XiangQi) Open runner-up personal
  • Classification : International Asian Master

Ng Kian Boon

Academy Vice Dean

  • Malaysian, Singapore Permanent Resident
  • 16 year-old became the Negeri Sembilan state Chinese Chess (XiangQi) hand
  • 18 year-old National Champion in Malaysia Junior Chinese Chess (XiangQi)
  • In the same year won the Asian Junior Chinese Chess (XiangQi) Runner-up
  • 2013 Xu Qing Zhang Ma Xinwen Chinese Chess (XiangQi) Team Cup runner-up
  • At 20 year-old he started teaching Chinese Chess (XiangQi) in Malaysia
  • Coached more than 2000 students

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