Key To Business In China

Mr. Feng Jun, Founder of Aigo, shared that XiangQi or Chinese Chess is very relevant if you want to understand the culture and business opportunities in China.

XiangQi in Indonesia

Not many people know that XiangQi actually is quite popular in Indonesia!  I was told that there are schools in Indonesia who made it a compulsory skill to learn because they believe it has helped their students to enhanced in their cognitive capability.

Huronghua Xiangqi Life

In Chinese language :

An interview of the renowned XiangQi Grandmaster of China – Hu Rong Hua


XiangQi Festival Leonberg 2013

XiangQi or Chinese Chess is picking up enthusiasts in Europe and growing.  In Germany and Belgium, it is becoming very popular.

This is a great basic overview about XiangQi or Chinese Chess by knowing a bit of its history and the various seeds in a XiangQi or Chinese Chess set.

XiangQi Enhancing Learning

History of XiangQi

Teck Ghee Family Day

Teck Ghee Community Club held Teck Ghee Family Day on the 26 June 2016 (Sunday).

XiangQi Mind Train Academy was invited to run a Family XiangQi Competition where parent and child team up to compete with other pairs.

I think it will be the most memorable thing for our students was that they took a photo with our Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on that day!