XiangQi Mind Train Academy has developed a proprietary Brain Training System utilising the ancient XiangQi or Chinese Chess with the introduction of brain development approaches.

With today’s competitive world, many people are asking what exactly is true learning and education.  For us, we believe in order for a child to develop holistically, it is important to examine both character formation and applied learning abilities.  Applied Learning abilities involved the various functions of the brain, especially the focusing and strategic thinking capability.  XiangQi being a Strategy Mind-sport provides a very good platform for the development of the various brain functions!

We have developed a 16 Grade Systematic Brain Development Curriculum using XiangQi as the tool.  Each of the Grade looks into the following :

  • XiangQi Skills training
  • Brain Development Strategy
  • Character Formation

For Grade One and Two, the emphasis is on developing the basic XiangQi skills set and also Focusing power and Mathematical calculation.  As for the Character formation aspect, we help students to understand the military structure and today’s governmental structure, and the importance of rules and regulation in order for a team to work more effectively together.

For Grade Three and Four, students will learn the technical jargon used in XiangQi.  Students will continue to increase in the focusing capability with the addition of analytical thinking skills development.

For Grade Five and Six, students will learn about how to manage different situations and seeing the importance of memory retention and Mathematical calculation.

Many students are very lost at what they can do during the school holidays, and trying to get them to study their books will be very difficult.  Thus getting them to develop their brain in a fun and challenging way will prepare them for next year academic year!