As part of our continuous effort to ensure quality in the advocacy of XiangQi in Singapore and beyond, the training of trainers and individuals who are interested to teach XiangQi is part of our strategic consideration, thus we have develop the learning and development pathway.

The Preliminary Standalone course which is the requirement for anyone who wanted to use our 16 Grading Curriculum is the : Training Children’s Brain With XiangQi

Course Description :

XiangQi or Chinese Chess is an ancient Chinese board game and has been used in ancient time by military strategists to mock out various military scenarios as part of their battle preparation.  It has the benefits of training players to increase their focusing and thinking power.  It has also been classified as an International Mind Sport.

With the advancement of technology, we saw a decrease in interest of such Mind Sport, thus we are working on the advocacy of XiangQi here in Singapore.  We have found that in the USA and Europe, where the “Chess In Classroom” movement was introduced in which playing the chess is part of their curriculum, educationists have found a great improvement in their students’ behaviours and academic performances. This clearly proven the benefits of chess in improving focusing and thinking ability.

We are advocating XiangQi into the community and schools, and hope to see an increase in XiangQi among students.  We also hope to see with the increase in interest in XiangQi among the younger population, it will also be a great family bonding activity to bridge the relationship among the different generations.

This course will equip trainees with the understanding and know-how to inspire children in XiangQi, and also why XiangQi is a great tool to use with children here in Singapore, and also the correct way of training children in XiangQi.  This is the preliminary course anyone who is using our 16 Grades Curriculum needs to complete.

At the end of the course, trainees will be able to :

  • Use different approaches to inspire children of different personality to build interest in XiangQi
  • Able to explain on why XiangQi is a great tool for children brain development
  • Understand the rationale on how XiangQi is taught through the 16 Grades curriculum

Target Audience :

If you are above 25 years old, and is interested to use XiangQi to help develop the brain of a child, and you have a minimum GCE “N” Level or WSQ certificate.

Suitable for : Parents, Child care teachers, school teachers, Student Care staff, Preschool teachers, Youth worker, etc.

Length of Course : 1 Full Day (7 hours, excluding lunch); 9:00am to 5:00pm

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Course Outline :


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