XiangQi CHAMP – Competition Preparation Course

Course Description

XiangQiCHAMP Competition Class is designed to simulate actual competition environment while imparting essential Competition skills-set.  XiangQi Competition must adhere to an International set of Regulation and it is vital players are familiar with these regulations so that during actual competition, they will not violate these regulations and be penalised unnecessarily.

Course Objectives

  • Familiarise International XiangQi Competition Rules and Regulation 2015 version; latest version
  • Excel in various Competition tactics; from opening strategy to mid-game strategy and check-mate strategy – Increase the analysis skills to the next level!
  • Regulate Stress Management; beneficial not only in competition but also facing challenges in daily living

Course Highlights

  • Simulate Competition Setting
  • Competition tactics shared by experienced XiangQi National Players and International Master
  • Increase analysis skills

Course Structure

  • International XiangQi Rules and Regulation; various versions 2011, 2017
  • Experienced XiangQi National Players and International Master will be present to guide and present competition tactics

Faculty Members

  • Our coaches experienced XiangQi players who have competed in many local and oversea XiangQi competitions. Many of our coaches are also National players.

Medium of Instruction

  • Chinese language; but can be in both English and Chinese if participants prefer the English language. However, one of our aim is to also see our participants develop an interest and proficiency in the Chinese language through XiangQi

Course Outline :

  • International XiangQi Rules and Regulation; various versions
  • Opening Strategy
  • Mid-Game Strategy
  • Check-Mate
  • Past International XiangQi Competitions – Review and Analysis

Admission Requirement

  • Able to do XiangQi recording
  • Familiar with the One-Step-Attack to Three-Step-Attack 一步杀至三步杀


Course Schedule

Every Friday                  7:30pm to 9:30pm

Application Procedure

  • Fill the Application Form available at our centre
  • Currently, our group class intake is on a fixed schedule which is usually each term. However, if you have interest to reserve for the upcoming coming class, please make a reservation so that we will contact you once the new class is ready
  • We also conduct 1-to-1 coaching (both at our centre or at client’s location); different pricing for such coaching